DesignBuilder crashes almost every time!

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DesignBuilder crashes almost every time!

Postby AlexK » Tue May 29, 2012 10:20 pm


I am trialing DB to see how well the Radiance component works. I want to compare different skylight configurations. My model is very simple - a rectangle building with no windows and one skylight. There are 2 blocks each with one zone (one block for the room, one for the external geometry associated with the skylight).

When I go to the "daylighting" tab and click "OK" to run the simulation, DB crashes 95% of the time. I'm on a Vista machine and have tried running it both in Vista and XP compliance mode (also tried it on a colleague's machine on Windows 7).

I've tried a variety of the default Radiance templates and that doesn't seem to impact my success/failure rate. The model has completed, but when I re-simulate it will usually crash.

Any suggestions for this? At this stage I can't find what is causing the software to run sometimes and crash others.


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