Do you need help with your sustainable building design project?

Also, TESS offer an energy analysis and project-based training service. Our highly experienced consultants can work with you at any stage of the design process to provide you with accurate environmental performance data in a timely manner. If you are considering using DesignBuilder for a project but don't yet have the necessary experience in-house we offer to guide you through the data entry and analysis process giving you an effective project-based approach to DesignBuilder training. By the end of the process you will be ready to start using DesignBuilder yourselves on the next project.

USA services

  • DesignBuilder data entry
  • Energy and comfort analysis
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Cost Budget Analysis
  • LEED certification
  • Renewable energy strategy reports
  • Natural ventilation analysis and design advice
  • Condensation prediction and thermal bridging analysis
  • Actual and artificial light prediction and visualisation
  • Internal and external microclimate studies
  • Independent simulation auditing
  • Training in modelling and simulation techniques

For most project types DesignBuilder will be the tool of choice, but our consultants are not tied to using DesignBuilder and can usually help even when the project demands very specialised tools. The independence of our consultants allows them to choose the right tool for the right job allowing them to put your need for accurate and timely data first.

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